Lessons can be taken from the age of six (beginning of First Class), and the child beginner will start with an attractive colourful book (John Thomson’s Teaching Little Fingers to Play) which will have them reading music notes and playing with both hands after two or three lessons. This book takes on average a year and a half to complete during which time there are no scales or technical exercises to practise. Thereafter the young students progress to the Royal Irish Academy of Music Elementary, Preliminary and Primary Exam books. Alternatively they can merely continue playing for enjoyment without undergoing any exams.


Secondary School Students can be prepared for Junior and Leaving Cert piano practical exams. Alternatively teenagers can play just for fun, learning pop/rock songs on the keyboard or on the piano using the Fast Track approach.


One is never too mature to learn the piano – either as a complete beginner or a returning student. Many studies have shown that learning a musical instrument is one of the best ways to keep the brain healthy and active in later years.

We have been successful in helping numerous adult students achieve their musical ambitions, whether by progressing through the exam system to a very high level or simply by playing for pleasure.


All students can be prepared for the Royal Irish Academy of Music exams from Elementary to Grade 8 even adults. We have successfully guided many adult students through to a very high level in the RIAM exam system. The great majority of our piano pupils have achieved honours (80 or above) at all levels in RIAM exams.

By special arrangement students can also be prepared for the examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Keyboard Lessons

The keyboard offers a completely different route to learning and playing music and requires a unique approach in teaching. By applying the full resources of the keyboard a relative beginner can sound like a rock group or an orchestra by using merely one finger at a time in each hand! Many young teens find this a particularly fun and exciting way of making music.

Fast Track

This is a method of speed-learning developed by the Principal of Pembroke Piano over many years. It combines elements of keyboard and piano methodology to achieve the simplest and quickest learning in the shortest possible time. Very popular with adults and teens, this method can be applied to learn any non-classical music the student wishes.

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Learning Piano

Did you know that Music facilitates comprehension of complex concepts? And that Music enhances language learning and boosts cognitive abilities?

According to a recent study by Kent State University in the US, music training not only helps children develop fine motor skills, but aids emotional and behavioural maturity as well.

Making music engages many brain regions, including those that process sight, sounds, emotions and memory.

Studies show that learning an instrument rather than just listening to music is what boosts mental ability. 

Playing the piano or another instrument requires and develops memory, attention to detail, application of rules to specific situations, and interpretation of symbols. It thus promotes logical, systematic thinking and reasoning. And what’s more, it is enjoyable and fulfilling.

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